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The thought of designing a website can be daunting. It's actually very simple and easy these days. Many online platforms offer it for free. In fact, I'm using right now to build and type on this page right now. It's so easy that I can just type away and then BOOM! it ends up here. You're probably wondering why I'm telling you this information AND breaking an industry secret all at once. 

Website design, although easy, can be daunting and downright boring... If this sounds like you and the thought matches yours well

Blake Joseph Website Design & Systems can break it down for you. I've designed websites for Hotels, Weddings, Actors, and businesses alike and now here's what you need! You've got a business to run! Let me do the heavy lifting on the back end

while you get back to what you do best. Here's what you get:

  • Website Designer and Platform Builder

  • Personal Website with Domain

  • Add-Ons including: Online Stores and Shopping, Online Hotel Booking, iCal Sync and Export, Online Payment Transfers and Payments including Credit Cards, Paypal, Venmo, Onling Shipping Services, Blog Support, and more...

  • Business Bank Account Synchronization 

  • Complete Ownership and Control of Website OR (6) months to (1) year add-on support package. RECOMMENDED

Oh still not convinced? Need more do you? Here's what some of our clients are saying and their websites that have been designed. They're incredibly generous to do this so maybe you use their services in return. 

Sample 1: (Accommodation)


"Designing, operating, and managing websites is a passion turned side job for Blake Joseph. With his expanisive vernacular, excellent trouble shooting skills, and overall patience, Blake has the capability of taking your business to new heights and we couldn't be more please with his work and the product he delivered. We'll be using him again"


-Brad "UB" Peterson

CEO of Dragon Belly LLC

Sample 2: (Portfolio)

"I'm an actor who needed an online presence. After numerous attempts, I met Blake doing a promo shoot, we instantly connected, and boy did HE deliver. He's the best!"

-Howard M. Lockie


Sample 3: (Accomodation)

"Full Disclosure he's my son. However, as an employee he's not bad either. I run some income properties in a vacation town and Blake not only revolutionized my booking he increased our profit margin by 200% after the website and SEO work. Now he does everything accept call ;)"

-Shirlene Joseph (Mother)

Owner and Operator of The Deadwood Tucker Inn


  • More to come soon as they roll in...


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